Corporate Social Investment

Griffin Green Initiative

As a socially responsible developer and real estate investor, Griffin has established the Griffin Green Initiative, which focuses on energy efficiency and our environment.

Griffin constantly focuses on reducing the CO2 footprint of its new developments through the adoption of energy efficient green building design and systems as well as retroactively upgrading existing buildings within the property portfolio. Griffin is a registered member of the Green Building Council of South Africa – an independent, nonprofit company that was formed to lead the greening of South Africa’s built environment.

Griffin reduces the impact of its new developments on surrounding vegetation by ensuring that Griffin is ultimately a net planter of trees on the effected land, whilst focusing on the removal of invasive species and replacing with indigenous, water-wise planting where possible. Griffin is a proud supporter of Food and Trees for Africa – the first and only South African social enterprise addressing sustainable development through climate change action, food security and greening.

The Mentor Programme

Griffin supports the belief that education is the key to creating a developed, productive and successful society. The Griffin Mentor Programme forms part of Griffin’s commitment to social upliftment and furthering the skills within the property investment industry through the empowerment of disadvantaged individuals and equipping promising students with the skills to carve out a successful career within the industry.

The programme is designed to mentor students through their studies and into the workplace ultimately producing highly qualified and skilled property investment professionals and consists of:

  • A fully-paid 4-year bursary to study BSc Property Studies (Honours) at the University of the Witwatersrand
  • On-going contact and interaction with professionals within Griffin Holdings and its alliance partners during studies
  • Vacation work within Griffin Holdings or its alliance partners

To date, four students have graduated from the Griffin Mentor Program and are currently building their careers in the property industry.