Corporate Profile

Griffin was established in 1993 as a privately-held property company focusing on the South African industrial, commercial and retail sectors and has since evolved into a multi-dimensional real estate group with offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town and London.

The Investment Portfolio

The property portfolio is characterised by strong-covenants with relatively long-term leases situated in major metropolitan areas. Griffin continues to follow a prudent acquisition strategy focused on well-located commercial and industrial properties underpinned by strong fundamentals. The portfolio is managed by Griffin’s Johannesburg, Cape Town and London-based asset management teams, which have collectively over 50 years of property investment experience.

Property Development

The property development division, with in-house development, project management and design teams, was established in 2003 as an alternate channel to facilitate the unlocking of growth opportunities through the creation of investment-grade property assets. Through its strategic land holdings, Griffin has developed significant commercial and industrial properties for a variety of users including JSE-listed, Fortune 500 and multinational clients.

Tenant and Property Services

The responsibilities of the Tenant and Property Services (“TPS”) Division fall into three broad categories:

  • Tenant relationship management.
  • Property and facilities management.
  • Account billing administration.

Griffin believes that looking after tenants and managing real estate is best achieved through an in-house service, which allows for stronger relationships with tenants as well as higher levels of service and accountability. An in-house approach also allows for a more pro-active approach to the maintenance of real estate, including the fostering of relationships directly with property service providers. The end result an improved experience and product for Griffin’s tenants.